View Full Version : Easter Event Feedback, Items stuck in shop?, Accidentally deleting decorations

04-18-2014, 12:30 PM
The Easter Event has been a real blast for me. It's enabled me to continuously play without filling my barn/silo too fast. I've just been gearing my farm towards producing lots of eggs, chicken feed, and corn. I really like the luck factor added into finding rare eggs. So far, I've been able to find 1 decoration. The Egg Machine has said "1 day left" for more than 1 day though, so i'm not sure what that is about. Also i'm curious as to what will happen with the machine when easter event is over, and what will happen to those machines that people were still working on.

I have about 8 items in my shop that are not selling. They all have 4 hour ads on them that have been on there for about 15 hours. Other items i'm putting in have been selling, and they're the exact same types of items. I have a feeling that these items are not showing up when people go to my shop, and that they are stuck there. Not sure what's going on!

When I was trying to rotate my Easter Decoration, I must have hit the delete button and now my basket is gone.. It's kind of depressing me, because I put a lot of work into getting that basket. There should definitely be some kind of conformation, or at least make it harder to find..

Overall i'm still really appreciating this game. I like the silly art, I like the Easter Event, I like pretty much all of it. Thanks!

04-19-2014, 07:00 AM
:) Glad you liked the Easter Event! We thought we'd let the animals have some fun!

The Egg Machine was down counting to Easter Sunday. But we will leave it enabled one more week for those users who haven't finished the event yet. As far as the Easter Egg Station, after Easter you will have the option to place it in storage, so it doesn't use space on your farm.

About your Easter Decoration, it is likely you tapped on the 'Move To Storage' button. To get it back, open the Store, and you should see a new tab at the very bottom of the screen, when you select it, you can see any items you've placed in storage.

Keep the feedback coming! :)