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    Suggestion - Idea

    Specialty building: Able to pick a specialty some time during your farming career. Possibly gain exp by making items in your specialty. Possibly gaining the ability to have more than 1 machine that applies to your specialty. Possibly speeding up the rate at which you bake goods. Possibly increasing the value of your baked goods.
    Ex. Baking specialty: Gain exp for baking things like bread cookies muffins. At level 5 baking you get better at baking, which increases baking speed and quality. At level 10 baking skill you get an extra building.
    Ex. Baking specialty: You get an extra bakery building at level 25.

    Charity drive: Local town holds a charity drive for a specific item and all players contribute until a mass of the item is reached. You get exp for donating.

    That's all the ideas I have!

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    Thanks for the feedback. Keep it coming! We'll be implementing events soon, which is similar to the Charity drive you describe.

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