In FarmTown Mobile, fruit trees can be harvested a number of times, after which they will need water to start growing again.

'Dry' trees can be watered in one of two ways:

1) You can post a 'Needs Water' sign next to your tree. And any farmer that stops by your farm can water your trees for free.

Click on the tree and drag the 'Needs Water' sign over to the tree.


A new sign is placed next to the tree, and all visitors will see it and be able to water the tree.


2) Use Water Cans to water your trees. You can get water cans from your Facebook friends. You can also buy Water Cans with gems.

When placing 'Needs Water' signs, you can get more farmers visiting your farm by placing Ads in the newspaper. Farms that are waiting for help (water trees, help with train orders, etc) will be flagged in the newspaper so readers know they can go to that farm and help.